Terms and conditions

To keep our driving school running smoothly to offer the best services we can there are some terms and conditions that we would kindly ask are customers to follow.

  1. Your First Lessons With Us – You will need to bring and show your provisional licence the instructor. You will also need to be able to read a registration plate at or above the legal minimum distance.
  2. Suitable clothing and footwear should be worn for driving.
  3. Payments – All lessons which are booked are paid in advance by bank transfer. We request payment for the duration each lesson 48 hours before the requested appointment time.
  4. Cancellations – To keep our prices competitive, we have a fair lesson cancellation policy in place. If for whatever reason you need to cancel, or rearrange a lesson please give us at least 48 hour notice in advance. This should be done by telephone to your instructor (not by SMS Text or Email), otherwise you are likely to be charged in full for instructor time.
  5. Driver Safety – If your instructor feels that you are not fit to drive for any reason they have the right to terminate the session. You must tell your instructor about any changes in your ability or entitlement to receive instruction from them.
  6. Mobile Phones – In normal circumstances, a mobile phone should be switched off before starting your lesson.
  7. If you fail to attend a booked lesson, you will be changed in full for duration.
  8. Your instructor has the right to withdraw the use of their vehicle for the driving test if they feel that the candidate is not up to the safe standards required.
  9. Any Beginners Offers apply to complete novices with no practical experience at all in driving a car, or any other motor vehicle.
  10. All our instructor follow the DVSA code of practice.