Refresher Driving Courses

Are you looking to become better, more confident or simply want to refresh your driving skills in an automatic car? We can help.

Whatever your reasons are for driving, we understand it is an essential skill for many of us. With so many drivers out and about on the road nowadays it important to keep safe and well up to date with the Highway Code and a modern way of how to drive properly.

Our instructors aim to create a relaxed environment whatever you level where you can improve your driving skill next to a patient professional trainer.

Why is a refresher driving course useful?

It can help you to become a confident, better and safer driver. Refreshing safe driving routines to reduce the risk of involved in an accident often leads to being a better, happier and responsible road user. As a result of this you can contribute to making the road a safer place to be for everyone.

Reduce your driving costs

Driving safely and anticipating well ahead for hazards can save you money on fuel and wear and tear on your car.

Who are these driving courses suitable for?

At Bradford Automatic Driving School these courses are suitable for most qualified drivers. They are especially good for nervous drivers, those who have picked up bad habits, or those who have not drove in a while.

All refresher course are designed for each individual and provided by a professional instructor.

How many lessons you will need will depend on how quickly you pick things up. Often, just a few refresher lessons are suitable. Once you are happy that you have achieved your goals, you can finish your lessons. If in the future you feel that you need a top-up, we are always happy to help again.

To get started with a course or refresher driving lessons in Bradford in an automatic car, get in touch for bookings or any further information.