Learning to drive an automatic car

Learning to drive an automatic car with full guidance from a qualified approved instructor is a positive experience for many. These cars are generally easier to drive. You are likely to make better progress and reach a safe test standard quicker.

These cars have a type of gearbox which is often referred to an the automatic transmission system. It essentially controls how and when to change the gears during normal driving. This offers drivers of these cars time to concentrate on other essential task whilst on the road.

Automatics don’t stall and with most of them uphill starts are easy also. Many people enjoy driving a car with an automatic gearbox mainly because they are easier to control. This is also a good solution for confidence building especially if you are a nervous driver.

To help you with your driving lessons we use cars :

  • Which are easy to drive, steer and reverse
  • With a good all-round view
  • Fitted with dual controls for safety

At Bradford Automatic Driving School we want you driving experience to be a positive, enjoyable and successful one. We believe learning to drive should be fun.

Our services include :

An automatic car provides an easier way to learn to drive than a manual car simply because there is less to for the driver.

A manual car has 3 pedals and requires changing gears as well as good use of a clutch pedal. In an automatic car has just 2 pedal, there is no clutch.

Having a driving course of good effective training alongside a positive attitude toward driving and other roads users can give you a key advantage. Let a professional instructor guide you to being a safe responsible automatic car driver.

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